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Professionnel Nail Art Vacuum


Instructions for the product: Voltage: 110V/220V Power: 004 Cable length: 130 cm Type of plug: plug

Technical features: 1. It is comfortable and easy to use when you use it. 2. The indicators show the working status 3. It is suitable for grinding nails and feet, making your hands and feet more comfortable. The fan has strong power, high speed, low noise and good dust suction effect. 4. The frame is made of materials, high strength, small deformation and durability. 5. The dust bag is moderately dense, environmentally friendly and durable.

Package content: 1x Nail Art dust collector

Operation step: 1. Place the device well and connect the power. 2. Turn the switch to “-“, the corresponding indicator lights up and the power is properly connected. 3. The fan has started, put your hand on the soft skin of the machine; strong suction will draw the nail dust into the dust collector when performing manicure. 4. After use, please turn on the switch to “O” first, then turn off the power. 5. The dust bag can be recycled after washing.

Please note: Please do not put your fingers into the fan.

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